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In November 2009, the China Music Industry Park – Shanghai was established by the Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group with the authorization by General Administration of Press and Publication of China. It is the first officially approved national level music industry conglomerate.
The industry park has developed an integrated industry chain which include original content, artist management, sound recording, audio-visual publishing (including digital publishing), wholesale and retail, copyright trading, etc., creating large amounts of Chinese original music works and products, winning the national " Five Best Ones Projects Award "," China National Publishing Award "," China Outstanding Publication Award "and" China Golden awards".
From 2011, World Music Festival Shanghai has become a cooperative project launched by China Music Industry Park, Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group and Shanghai H+M Communications Co., Ltd. as one of the core projects on World Music Publicity in China Music Industry Park.  They aim to create the most wonderful and impressive world music festival in China.
Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group (previously named Shanghai Synergy Multimedia Group) was founded in 1997, directly managed by The Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. With over 10 years of development, Shanghai Synergy Group owns more than 20 subsidiaries. The core business includes music production, releasing and distribution, disc manufacturing & pressing, logistics, animation, artist management, digital music, merchandising, retailing and managing the China Music Industry Park-Shanghai, At the same time, Shanghai Synergy Group actively extends to the field of book publishing, developing audio-video, digital books and web publishing.
Recently, Shanghai Synergy Group had a breakthrough in traditional music industry development, by changing the mode, extending music industry chains, and establishing the first China Music Industry Park. Shanghai Synergy Group is one of the leading firms in China’s music industry in terms of its size, product development & production and nation-wide sales network.
H+M Communications Co. Ltd. is an arts agency with rich experience and adequate resources. While enjoying commercial success, H+M is deeply concerned with public welfare and is actively involved in non-profit projects.
It has support from top planners and producers all over the world: H+M has established a strong relationship with major international world music festivals, conservatories and musicians, which establishes inroads to bringing in the best performing arts groups around the world.
It is a perfect platform for cultural export: H+M has frequent contact with the leading cultural institutions of many countries, which paves the way for Chinese folk music to reach out globally.
It also has unrivalled experience in production: H+M has accumulated exceptionally rich production experience of large-scale performances and is capable of planning and organizing high-quality international music events in an efficient and budget-friendly way.

World music is an art that transcends peoples and cultures. It is formed outside the Western Classical tradition; from the essence of the various musics around the world, forged from the spirit of traditional music, the context of the music of the folk, and the zeitgeist of modern music and musical creativity. It blends tradition and composition from the various races and creeds around the world, and is an artistic microcosm, which celebrates the diversity we have in our world. It also brings together the various intangible cultural heritage items of different parts of the world and introduces them to an audience that would not otherwise know them.
In the West, World music has already had a wide outreach, not including a myriad of audiences, but also the advocacy of UNESCO through its listing of some performance traditions as Intangible Cultural Heritage items. Hence there are frequent and regular events featuring world music; recordings are also easily available.
World music can be said to be the genre best suited for China to show its uniqueness to the world, yet accept the challenges of globalisation. In the words of Zhang Pei-ren, the godfather of Taiwanese rock music, “World music can rock the audience beyond their wildest imagination, hence we must greatly promote it!”

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