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Initiated in 2008, as a prelude to the Shanghai 2010 Expo, Shanghai World Music Festival has served as a platform to exhibit performing art around the world, particularly each country’s intangible cultural heritage, and to introduce the concept of world music to Chinese audience.

After the disbandment of Shanghai World Expo Organising Committee in 2010,Shanghai World Music Festival committee has been taken over by H+M Communications Co. Ltd., a group of world music enthusiasts, then joined by China Music Industry Park in 2012, to keep its continuity.

As a non-profit organization, most shows of Shanghai World Music Festival are free to the public. Until 2013, Shanghai World Music Festival has become one of the most influential world music festivals in China. It has seen the participation of more than 100 music groups, which has attracted an audience of over a million. Shanghai World Music Festival is a growing festival. It will keep making effort to bring top artists all the over the world to China, providing audience a multicultural and better society.
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